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Common blood thinner can steal your memories

There’s not much you can count on in this world, but for most of your life, you could depend on one thing: a heartbeat steady as a drummer in a marching band.

It might speed up when you spot a pretty gal…or slow down on a mellow spring night…but it always kept a steady beat.

Until the day you got A-fib.

That’s when your heart started playing a new tune. It’s pure jazz now — at any point ready to break out into a crazy beat that jumps around all over the place.

Yes, my friend, atrial fibrillation can give you quite a scare — but the latest research shows again how the condition itself is nothing next to the so-called “treatments.”

Nearly everyone with A-fib is automatically put on the blood thinner warfarin, brand name Coumadin (a.k.a. rat poison — because that’s also what it’s used for).

In theory, it’s supposed to help cut the risk of a stroke by preventing the coagulation of blood into dangerous clots; but in reality, this drug comes with so many OTHER risks that a stroke is probably the least of your worries.

On its own, A-fib will increase your risk of dementia. But once you drop some warfarin into the mix, that risk will climb to dizzying heights.

The new study finds that warfarin can as much as QUADRUPLE your risk of dementia, especially if you’re consistently taking too much or too little of it.

If you know anyone who’s on the drug, you know that for whatever reason, their wafarin levels can hop around like a Mexican jumping bean.

And turns out that constant tweaking of your dosage over a prolonged period of time…from too much to too little…is directly correlated to an increase in dementia rates.

And if you’re consistently taking too much of it, you run a risk of having blood that’s so thin, you get those small but dangerous bleeds in your BRAIN, which also have been linked to dementia.

Why risk it when you don’t have to? Odds are, you DON’T!

Fact is, docs put every A-fib patient on warfarin because they don’t know what else to do.

But even by mainstream standards, at least 25 percent of A-fib patients DON’T need warfarin and SHOULDN’T be on the drug.

And you might be one of them!

Even if you’re in the other 75 percent, you might not need the drug — as natural therapies such as fish oil can often cut the stroke risk without causing all that other nonsense.

Obviously, you can’t work all this out on your own. You need help from someone who shares your goal of getting you off the drug — ideally a doc who’s a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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