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How to get the most out of your multi

It’s the most expensive pee in the world!

I’m sure you’ve heard that dopey dismissal of vitamins. The mainstream just can’t stand that you take them — but it’s not because they just go in one end and out the other.

It’s because they WORK… and done right, pennies-a-day vitamins will help keep you off of expensive and wildly profitable meds.

You’re too smart to fall for alarmist mainstream claptrap, but you can bet some of your neighbors have. Now, the latest research shows they’re missing out on some big-time benefits from the cheapest and humblest supplements of all: your daily multivitamin.

And guys, since this study focused on you, pay close attention: The new study finds it can protect you from today’s leading killer, heart disease.

Is there a catch? Of course there is, but unlike a drug, the “catch” isn’t a side effect.

It’s that this is a multivitamin — not a miracle pill — so it’s not going to work overnight.

But if you take it daily…and take it for years…that loyalty will pay off in a big way. The study finds that after 20 years, your daily multivitamin will cut your risk of every major cardiovascular problem by 44 percent.

Yes, EVERY major cardiovascular problem!

Heart attack? GONE!

Stroke? Forget about it!

Heart failure? Not you!

And if you think it’s too late for you… if you’re already battling heart disease… your multi can still help. In men who have heart disease, a daily multivitamin will cut the risk of death from heart problems, also by 44 percent, if you take it for at least 12 years.

Like I said, these aren’t miracle pills, so taking a multi doesn’t give you a license to go out and eat junk food or wreck your body. But if you combine your multi with a low-carb diet, you’ll have maximum protection from heart disease.

The study was on men, but I’m sure women would get at least some benefit out of this — and that’s really only the beginning here. Other studies have found that this same cheap supplement can protect men and women alike from cancer.

Ladies, a multi can cut your risk of death from breast cancer by nearly a third. And guys, that same vitamin will cut the risk of all cancers NOT of the prostate in men by 12 percent.

Yes, that’s heart disease and cancer — the nation’s top two killers. And your multi can knock them down for the count and keep you alive and kicking.

Not bad for something that costs pennies a day!

But you won’t get the benefit if you don’t stick with it.

So keep following mom’s advice: Look both ways before you cross the street, wash behind your ears, and don’t forget to take your vitamins.

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