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How to get your old strength back

Life has a funny way of keeping you humble.

One minute, the nice young lady at the check-in counter gives you a wink and bumps you up to first class… and you’re flying high.

The next, government goons at the security line practically strip search you in full public view.

But nothing in the world is quite as humbling as when you have to ask for help opening a jar of sauce.

You’ve got no strength left…and no clue where it went.

Well, my friend, you’re hardly alone. Muscle loss is as common in your senior years as losing hair on your head while growing it in your ears. (How in the heck does that happen, anyway?)

When it gets bad, it’s called sarcopenia — a condition most folks have never even heard of, but one that’s crippling millions of us.

Now, the latest numbers out of Europe show this muscle-melting disease is about to get a whole lot worse, with cases more than tripling by 2045, when more than 60 percent of seniors will be battling this condition.

And if you’re living in the USofA today, don’t count yourself lucky.

If anything, the problem is just as bad here… if not worse!

Already, some 45 percent of seniors have sarcopenia, with more joining them every day — and there’s more on the line than just being able to open your own jars.

Muscle loss will increase your risk of a fall, leading to a potentially devastating injury. Some of those falls could send you right from your living room to the old folks’ home… and some could even kill you!

Ask your doc what you can do to protect your muscles, and he’ll give you the usual blah-blah-blah about getting more exercise.

Listen to him, and you’ll be tired from getting that exercise…with sore muscles that are STILL getting weaker by the day.

The real problem isn’t that you aren’t doing enough chin-ups or pull-ups.

It’s that as you get older, your body falls short in the creatine needed to build muscle — so you start losing it instead.

It’s hard to get what you need from diet alone, so you need a supplement. Just be careful here — because most creatine supplements are geared toward no-neck body builders, they contain far more than what you need.

Look for a formula tailored to seniors instead.

Get protein from diet, creatine from a supplement, and some natural steady movements throughout the day, and there won’t be a sauce jar in the world that’ll get the better of you.

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