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The ‘forbidden drinks’ that can give your gut a lift

As far as I’m concerned, EVERY day should be Mother’s Day — because where would we be without the moms in our life?

So whether you’re lucky enough to still have your own mother around or plan to celebrate the mother of your children, make today a special one for her.

First you can start it by brewing up some piping hot coffee for her, and then end it with a dinner in her honor — and a glass of her favorite wine.

Turns out these two BAD drinks… two drinks you’ve been told to avoid… are actually GOOD for the essential bacteria that live in your gut, according to the latest research.

Your gut bacteria are like Sea-Monkeys. It’s not enough to have them just swimming around in there, and it’s not even enough to drop in more to increase the population — whether it’s from a packet of Sea Monkey eggs or a probiotic supplement (just don’t confuse the two).

They need MORE.

You’ve got the keep the ones you have happy and fed — and the new study finds that coffee and wine keep them happier than a pig in a mud puddle.

Folks who enjoy either drink (or, better yet, BOTH) have more diversity in the gut overall, according to the new analysis of gut bacteria from thousands of volunteers in Europe.

Out in the real world, “diversity” is an ugly code word for touch-feely politically correct nonsense. In your gut, diversity is the key to keeping healthy — because the more diverse a population you’ve got down there, the more they can help you.

These germs help churn out the enzymes you need to digest your food… they suck out the minerals so your body can absorb them and put them to use… and can even help set your mood.

No wonder you’re so darn cranky when you don’t get your morning cup of coffee!

The study finds a few other bacteria-boosters — such as yogurt, tea, and buttermilk — and it also spots a few things so bad for your belly that eating them is like getting punched in the gut.

The worst of all? You guessed it: carbs, especially sugars — and soda’s the worst of the lot.

Ever see what cola spilled on an old car will do the paint? Well, that’s what this stuff will do to your gut, too, stripping it of the protective bacteria and leaving your gut ready to rust.

It’s not just bad foods, either. Bad meds will also do the trick.

You probably know how antibiotics can wipe out your good bacteria, but that’s not the only med you need to watch out for.

The study confirms that warnings you’ve read over the years right here in the Daily Dose, showing how stomach acid drugs such as proton pump inhibitors and even diabetes meds such as metformin can absolutely wreck havoc on your bacterial colonies.

Call it one more reason to stay off meds when you can…and turn to natural therapies whenever possible.

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