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Watch out for this dementia warning

Older folks aren’t like these namby-pamby kids today.

We don’t go crying to some shrink every single time our feelings get hurt, we don’t buy into quack-o-therapy, and we certainly ain’t swallowing Big Pharma happy pills to win a battle with depression.

Getting old means knowing life has its ups and downs, and figuring out that in most cases the best person to pick your rear end up off the ground during the “downs” is YOU.

But let’s not go to the other extreme, either. If you’ve been singing the blues, it’s time to change the tune — because the latest research shows again how unchecked depression can lead to something even worse.

It could take you straight to dementia!

Now, don’t panic here. You’re not going to lose your mind if you’ve just lost a friend or spouse (even if it might feel like it sometimes).

Depression caused by life’s pain is normal and nothing to worry about — and a little time is usually all you need to pull out of it (having some friends around certainly won’t hurt, either).

The REAL risk is in depression that lingers for years, slowly getting worse — and if your own mood has been slipping for about a decade, your risk of dementia jumps by 42 percent, according to the new study.

This form of persistent, worsening depression is such a powerful risk factor that 1 in 5 seniors who have it will ultimately develop dementia.

The researchers will tell you they can’t figure out which one’s causing the other.

And when the link has come up before, the “experts” have claimed there’s nothing you can do about it anyway — depression means your brain is already rotting out of your skull and maybe you should just start on your dementia drugs now.

All I can say is, never trust an “expert!”

It’s true this form of depression might be a sign your gray matter is starting to melt.

But you can still pick your rear end up off the ground and take care of business — because while the drugs they want you to take do practically nothing to slow dementia, there are brain-saving nutrients that can stop depression and dementia cold.

And — wouldn’t you know it — the SAME remedies work for BOTH conditions!

First up, fish oil. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can bust through the blood-brain barrier, get inside your head, and start making repairs… fighting off depression and dementia at the same time.

And B vitamins, especially B12, are powerful mood-boosters — and in addition to pulling you out of the depths of depression, studies have shown that a B complex can actually slow, stop and even reverse the physical damage in the brain linked to dementia.

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