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How to avoid one of the deadliest cancers

It’s one of the deadliest cancers of all… a form of the disease so tough to detect that by the time it’s found, it’s already too late.

It’s pancreatic cancer — and all the money, power, and influence in the world won’t save you from this disease.

Heck, it’s the very same one that took the life of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

You might think that if he couldn’t beat this one, you don’t stand a chance.

And frankly, most people don’t. Pancreatic cancer kills 40,000 Americans every year.

But new research reveals a startlingly simple secret that can help prevent pancreatic cancer — and it’s something so easy you can do it in just minutes a day…with zero sweat and strain…and no changes to your diet.

All you have to do is brush and floss!

I know it sounds a little TOO easy. That can’t possibly work, could it?

Believe me, it can — because the same germs behind bleeding gums and crumbling teeth have been linked to heart disease, stroke, dementia, and now, cancer.

They’re looking for a way inside your body…and once your gums start turning to hamburger meat, they’ve got it. They hop in and use your bloodstream like their own subway system, causing havoc at every stop.

The new study finds that two nasty bugs in particular that cause gum disease will also increase your risk of this devastating — and deadly — form of cancer.

First, high levels of Porphyromonas gingivalis running around in your mouth will increase your risk of developing pancreatic cancer by 59 percent.

And second, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans will boost those odds by 50 percent.

Those names don’t exactly roll off the tongue. But as long as you keep them out of your mouth, you don’t have to worry about trying to say them.

Here’s the bad news: If you bleed a little when you brush…and especially when you floss… or if you never floss… odds are you’ve already got a population of nasties working overtime to make you sick.

The good news: You can get it under control quickly.

First, visit a dentist for a fluoride-free cleaning and a gum specialist for a “scaling.” That’s when they pull the bacteria out of the pockets that form in your gums over years of neglect.

And second, commit to taking better care of your teeth and gums.

The best way to do that is with hydrogen peroxide, which is practically a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to killing off disease-causing germs.

Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to form your paste, then use your fingertips to work it into the spaces between your teeth.

Don’t forget to floss — or, better yet, use a water irrigator — then rinse your mouth out with some peroxide, and those bugs won’t be bugging you much longer.

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