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Clean the cobwebs out of your ears to protect your brain

Take a stubborn old coot like me and add a dash of denial, and it’s a wonder my wife even puts up with me anymore.

And I’m not even the worst guy I know!

I’ve got a buddy who’s suffering from such bad hearing loss that you know what he’s watching on TV the moment you pull into his driveway.

He needs a hearing aid…and anyone who visits him needs earplugs. That’s how loud it is.

But if you mention it to him, he’ll look at you as if YOU’RE the one with the problem!

Don’t let denial get the best of you, my friend. If you’ve got some problems with your hearing, get help ASAP — because new research shows how letting it go could do more than make you the neighbor with the loud TV.

It could turn you into the neighbor with dementia!

The bull-headed refusal to recognize hearing loss and the stubborn resistance to wearing a hearing aid can lead to massive problems with your cognition, according to the study.

This one gave seniors both hearing tests and cognitive tests — and the researchers found that the worse your hearing gets, the worse you can expect to do on those tests… unless you wear a hearing aid.

The folks who wore ’em positively trounced the ones who needed them and refused.

There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest may be that hearing keeps the gears in part of the brain turning — and that’s a part you need for more than just listening to the TV.

When the world goes silent, those gears slow… and next thing you know, you’re losing your marbles.

As a result, a 2014 study found that folks with hearing loss have SMALLER brains than the folks who keep their ears in mint condition.

And smaller brains usually mean a rapid slip into the depths of dementia.

THAT’S what’s on the line here, my friend — yet while half of all folks over the age of 75 suffer from hearing loss, just 15 percent actually wear a hearing aid.

And if you’re one of them, it’s time to get over your vanity and get it taken care of.

Most of them work like a charm and are barely noticeable. They can get pricey, but Consumer

Reports says you can negotiate and get yourself a better deal.

If you’re only in the early stages of hearing loss and don’t need a hearing aid, quick action can ensure you never need one. Boost your intake of ginseng and fish oil, which get the blood pumping to your ear so the world keeps coming in loud and clear.

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