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It’s not multiple sclerosis… it’s a mosquito bite!

I see a skeeter, I want it dead, dead, DEAD!

I don’t want the nasty things anywhere near my home or my family — so on warm summer nights, we’ll have the citronella candles glowing and the DEET flowing.

There’s more on the line now than just days of itching and scratching like crazy.

Mosquitos coming up from South America can spread a nasty virus called Zika.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The media has been hyping it like crazy — and for once, they’re not out of line.

But while they’ve been focusing on the brain damage the virus can cause unborn babies, new research reveals that this virus can get inside your head, too.

In adults, Zika can cause the brain and spinal cord to swell, which triggers a terrifying condition known as ADEM.

I’m guessing you’ve never heard of it. Most folks haven’t. But I’ll bet you’ve heard of multiple sclerosis — which is almost exactly what this disease is.

ADEM mimics MS so perfectly that most docs can’t tell the difference. They’re even caused by almost the same thing: Your own immune system goes nuts and attacks the sheaths that protect your nerves.

Once the sheaths are gone and the nerves are exposed, you’re living in a waking nightmare, battling headaches, neck pain, sleepiness and more. You could suffer balance problems, seizures, or even end up in a coma.

The main difference between MS and ADEM is that ADEM can last six months or so — six months of the worst kind of misery you can imagine — and then vanish.

Most folks recover…but some battle cognitive problems, vision loss, and other lingering symptoms for the rest of their lives.

And now, you can get that from a skeeter!

So far, there hasn’t been a single case of Zika in the United States spread by a mosquito.

But it’s coming.

The CDC is warning that mosquitos carrying the virus could reach Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, and more as early as this spring, and then spread around the nation from there.

The best way to kill those bugs is currently illegal. DDT is the safest and most effective bug killer around, but the lefties behind the environmental movement got it banned based on trumped-up evidence that it could hurt birds.

Until DDT comes back, all you can do is get rid of all standing water in and around your yard — and that includes even the tiniest of puddles, because these bugs can breed in a soda cap with a few raindrops in it if given the chance.

Then, before you head outside, absolutely marinate yourself in DEET.

Some folks don’t like it because it’s a chemical. I don’t give a hoot. It’s perfectly safe for adults, and more importantly it works: Skeeters just hate the stuff.

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