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You won’t believe latest bizarre flu shot claim

It’s not me, it’s YOU!

Like a jilter lover, the flu-shot fanatics are cooking up all kinds of crazy excuses to explain the vaccine’s embarrassingly high failure rate.

And you’re not going to believe the latest one.

New research claims the real reason the vaccine is so useless is that you’re getting it at the wrong time.

And by “wrong time” I don’t mean after flu season has already passed.

The study claims the shot works best when you get it in the morning, specifically between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

What’s next, you have to get it between 9 and 11, standing on one foot while singing sea shanties?

Supposedly, one month after vaccination, seniors who had the shot in the morning had higher levels of antibodies against two of three flu strains than folks who got the shot in the afternoon.


If that’s not something to file under “weird fluke,” I don’t know what is.

Comically, the researchers actually ‘fess up and admit that the shot as it is offers almost no protection, telling HealthDay News that fewer than half of older adults make enough antibodies after vaccination to get any protection.

Even that number is wildly optimistic; studies show the flu shot is pretty much worthless in seniors — and during the notorious “flu failure” season of 2012-13, the shot had a protection rate in older folks of just 9 percent.

That doesn’t mean 9 percent of people are protected, by the way. It means it cuts the risk of flu by 9 percent.

Since only about 3 percent of the unvaccinated get sick anyway, that’s a protection rate as close to zero as you can get without actually being zero.

The shot isn’t much better in other age groups.

One major analysis found that overall, the flu shot cuts the risk of getting sick from 2.7 percent in the unvaccinated down to 1.2 percent in the vaccinated — sure, a difference nearly 60 percent… but an “absolute” reduction in risk of only 1.5 percent.

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably not thinking much about flu season just yet — nor should you.

But when September rolls around, the pressure to get injected will start up all over again — and this time, they’ll claim, it’ll REALLY work, especially if you get it in the morning.

Don’t fall for it.

The best way to beat the flu is to stick to the tried-and-true: common-sense good hygiene when you’re out and high levels of natural health-boosters such as vitamin D.

D has proven to be more than 800 percent more effective against flu than the vaccine — so when the sun starts falling lower, make sure your intake of the sunshine vitamin gets higher.

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