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Urgent new warning over popular drinks

It’s like unleashing a tornado… right into your bloodstream!

When you knock back a can of Coke, you’re sending a whirling rush of the worst form of sugar right through your blood.

Like a real tornado, it destroys everything in its path from head to toe — and that’s not just a figure of speech.

Sugar can induce gouty toes and brain rot — and the latest research reveals how the fructose in high-fructose corn syrup can wreck hundreds of genes inside your brain.

That’s right, friend, a couple sips of soda could actually wreck you on a genetic level, with the new study showing how fructose alters DNA in a way that can set the stage for just about everything you fear: heart disease… diabetes… and Alzheimer’s disease.

In the new study, mice given a steady supply of fructose turned into Mr. Magoo, unable to find their way out of a simple maze.

This is what mice practically do for a living, yet drinking fructose-sweetened water caused them to need DOUBLE the time to find their way out.

It didn’t even take crazy levels of fructose to turn these mice into loopy Magoos who can’t find their way out of a simple maze.

In humans, the amount would be equal to what you’d get from two 16-ounce sodas a day. A bottle at lunch and another at dinner, and next thing you know you’re a Magoo Mouse yourself, trying to find your way home… and failing.

The one upside to the study is that the omega-3 fatty acid DHA seemed to counter the effects of the fructose, but I wouldn’t count on that to save your brain.

Even if it stops the genes from being damaged, fructose will still cause blood sugar spikes, setting the stage for diabetes — and that, in turn, will also damage your brain.

So forget trying to balance sugar with something else. It’s time to get out of the path of this tornado completely.

Don’t be fooled by the new push to replace HFCS with “real sugar” and “pure organic cane juice” or whatever other fancy name they try to call it. If plain sugar is any better, it’s not by much.

It’s a choice between being shot or stabbed!

And of course no-cal artificial sweeteners have been linked to everything from cancer to migraines to death.

Your best bet is to give up on soft drinks and juice — even 100 percent juice — and get back to basics with what you drink. A tall glass of filtered water… a raw-milk smoothie… or even a beer at the end of the long day are all safer, tastier and better for you, too.

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