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‘Safe’ new diabetes drug? Keep dreaming!

Can you believe this nonsense?

If you’ve got diabetes, they keep asking you to open your wallet a little wider to pay for the newer and better drugs that come out like clockwork every few years.

Big Pharma has raked in BILLIONS of your hard-earned money off these meds.

Even when pricey new drugs are covered by insurance, you’ve got to shell out big out-of-pocket fees in the form of co-pays — one reason that diabetics spend $10,000 more on healthcare than everyone else, PER YEAR!

But new research shows you may as well take that $10K and stuff it down the drain — because those “newer” and “better” drugs aren’t better at all.

They’re WORSE, and it can take years — sometimes DECADES — before the true risks are exposed.

Today, we’re learning the true risks of the drugs pushed on diabetics in the ’80s and ’90s, when folks were told to give up their metformin and try a newer generation of meds called “sulfonylureas.”

Well, the long-overdue numbers from that big switch are finally in and they’re ugly as sin:

Folks who switched have a better chance of dropping DEAD.

The old standard — inexpensive and generic metformin — cuts the risk of death from heart attack and stroke in diabetics by 30 percent to 40 percent when compared to sulfonylureas, according to the new study.

That means some folks pushed into making the switch were practically written a death sentence on a prescription pad.

Yet here we are…just learning about the risks…all these years later.

You’re probably wondering how something like this could slip through the cracks. You can thank the Pharma-friendly hacks at the FDA for that — because drug companies don’t always have to compare new drugs to the old ones to win approval.

They just work against a placebo.

Beat the placebo, and you’re in (and even then, drug company researchers can play funny to make their meds look better than they really are).

If you think today’s new drugs are even better, think again. They’re the products of this same crooked system, which is why we don’t learn the true risks until years after they’ve been approved.

Of course, even the “old standard” metformin has some big problems of its own: It can suck vitamin B12 right out of your body, setting the stage for mood swings, depression, memory loss, and confusion.

If you’re on any of those meds right now… no matter how tempting it may be…you can’t just toss ’em in the trash.

Not yet, anyway.

But if you make some adjustments to your diet — like giving up sugar-boosting carbs — and mix in some natural therapies such as cinnamon extract and chromium, your sugar levels should come back under control on their own. Work closely with a doc who shares your goal and can safely wean you off your meds as your blood sugar gets back to where it belongs.

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