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Is this why you’re in so much pain?

You’ve seen what diabetes can do to someone.

An old golf buddy who used to take on every hole (including the all-important 19th) needs a cart now…and that’s if he even makes it out to the course at all.

And when he does get out and about, it seems like he’s always wincing in agony.

That’s the nerve pain that comes along for the ride when you’ve got diabetes, and unless you’ve felt it yourself, you have no idea just how bad it is.

It can feel like someone doused your feet in gasoline and lit a match!

But don’t sit back and thank your lucky stars that you’re not diabetic, because new research shows how this could happen to YOU — even if you never develop diabetes!

If you’re among the 80 million (yes, 80 million!) Americans who suffer from pre-diabetes, your own nerves could be slowly and quietly burning off right now… and you won’t feel a thing until it’s too late.

Turns out that even pre-diabetes — when you sugar levels creep up, but aren’t quite high enough to be considered “real” diabetes — can damage your small sensory nerve fibers.

Over three years, folks with pre-diabetes suffer from extensive damage all along the length of those important small sensory nerve fibers.

That, in turn, leads to small-fiber neuropathy — but trust me on this one: there’s nothing “small” about the pain!

The problem with nerve damage is that you can reach the point of no return. It becomes permanent.

Yes… you might be literally on your last nerve!

When that happens, you’ll be forced to live with the pain of neuropathy for the rest of your life.

Why risk it? You can fix this right now, on your own, without a drug or a doc if you make some quick changes to your dinner plate.

Whether you get neuropathy from diabetes or pre-diabetes, the cause is the same: sugar.

Your nerve fiber is extremely sensitive to sugar. If the blood flowing through it is contaminated with sugar, it’s going to start to rot — and that’s when it falls apart, and you end up in pain.

Cut off the sugar spigot, and you can stop the damage and prevent the pain.

You’ve got more than your nerves on the line here (as if that’s not enough). Even slight bumps in blood sugar can eat away at your brain, increasing your risk of dementia — and sock you right in the ticker, increasing your risk of heart problems.

So take care of it now, before it takes care of you. The best way to do that, of course, is to cut the foods that cause blood sugar to rise. That means actual sugar as well as grains, especially refined carbohydrates.

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