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Ignore these warning signs — at your own risk!

Back in the day, you were a hero.

Whether you’ve served our nation in the trenches overseas, or just fought to keep the peace in your own home, you’re the kind of guy who won’t back down when it comes to doing what’s right.

And no doubt, those same principles have made you a hero to your family plenty of times over the years.

But there’s a time when you need to turn the tough guy act down a couple of notches and look for a hero of your own — because when your heart’s about to give out, you need HELP and you need it FAST.

The only question is: Will you get it?

The latest research shows how too many people wait too long to get help when it comes to heart problems.

When you have a heart attack, every minute — heck, every last SECOND — counts, but the new study finds that half of older adults wait a full hour before they reach for the phone and dial 911.

And one in 10 wait TWO FULL DAYS before they call for help.

Wait a couple of days, and you may as well wait for hell to freeze over — because that’s the kind of delay you might not survive.

And even if you do make it that long without help, any delay — whether it’s hours or days — could leave you with permanent damage, including debilitating problems that will throw a monkey wrench into your quality of life.

The new study was done over in the UK, but you can bet the problem’s running rampant here, too.

If anything, it might be worse, because studies show both men and women alike often miss or ignore the warning signs of a heart attack.

Sometimes, they think it’s a muscle ache acting up again… or maybe they think it’s “just gas.”

Even folks who suspect something’s gone haywire in the ticker often wait “to be sure,” because they don’t want to cry wolf if it turns out the problem is something simple.

Well, my friend, here’s a case where you’re better safe than sorry, so take a few moments and learn the warning signs — because you won’t always clutch your chest and yell out “it’s the big one!”

While chest pain IS a common heart symptom, it’s not the only one. Some folks (especially women) feel no chest pain at all.

Pain in one or both arms, sudden pain in the upper back, a literal pain in the neck that comes on out of the blue, and even jaw pain could all be your first — and sometimes ONLY — distress signal from your heart.

Listen to it… and get help.

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