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EXPLOSIVE study exposes the truth about low-fat diet

It’s the biggest bombshell in modern nutrition… and it’s been sitting under a pile of dust in a Minnesota basement for nearly half a century!

A box marked “Minnesota Coronary Survey” that had stayed unopened since it was conducted in the late 1960s and early 1970s reveals that EVERYTHING you’ve been told about your diet is big, fat a lie.

That box holds the data to a study so vast and sweeping that the New York Times declared it “one of the largest controlled clinical dietary trials of its kind ever conducted.”

But the data was never analyzed or published… until now.

More than 9,000 patients in hospitals and nursing homes were put on either a diet low in fats and high in vegetable oils — one that meets almost perfectly current U.S. government-backed nutritional guidelines — or one with nearly DOUBLE the levels of saturated fat and much lower levels of vegetable oils.

Just as you’d expect, the folks on the low-fat diet saw their cholesterol levels positively plunge.

They reached levels that would have your own doc jumping for joy.

But then something happened… something that caused this study to get locked in a basement for decades: The low-fat, low-cholesterol patients didn’t live longer.

Heck, they began dropping like dominos!

Every 30 mg/dL drop in cholesterol — numbers your doc would LOVE to see if they turned up on your tests — increased the risk of an early death by 22 percent.

That’s already a huge risk. But given that the statin drugs used today can drop your own cholesterol by 100 mg/dL or more, that adds up fast, potentially boosting your odds of kicking the bucket by two-thirds or more.

So why was the study locked up for so long? No one knows for sure, but we can guess.

The main researcher behind the study was Dr. Ivan Frantz Jr., an evangelist for the low-fat movement and a close associate of Ancel Keys.

If Frantz was an evangelist, Keys was the pope — because he spent his career demonizing animal fats. Keys led the movement that ultimately produced the low-fat guidelines backed by the feds since the 1960s.

This study proved EVERYTHING they had worked for was wrong. It’s so at odds with “official” thinking that the researchers today who finally crunched the numbers didn’t believe it.

Not at first.

So they looked at data from FOUR other studies where saturated fat was replaced by vegetable oils — and they found that same thing: the lower the cholesterol, the HIGHER the death risk.

Maybe they just should’ve been reading the Daily Dose, because that’s exactly what we’ve said all along!

Bottom line here is that if you want to live a longer, healthier life, don’t give up the fats…and DON’T cut your cholesterol. Give up the carbs, BOOST your fats, and watch your cholesterol levels rise.

Your doc might hate it, but don’t worry… you’ll probably outlive him.

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