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The REAL key to preventing heart attack

Can you believe this nonsense?

There’s a simple, safe, and inexpensive therapy that can protect the hearts of older men and save lives — and the latest research proves it.

In the new study, it offered a level of protection those drugs can only dream about.

So what’s the mainstream doing about it?


The new study finds testosterone therapy can prevent heart attack, stroke, and even death in older men who have low levels of this hormone (and if you’re an older man, odds are your T tank is running close to E).

Men with heart disease who didn’t get the hormone treatments were 80 percent more likely to suffer a serious heart problem!

The study tested different levels of hormones for three years. Medium doses seemed to offer a little more protection in the short term, while higher doses did more over the long run.

But instead of celebrating the study… instead of urging older men to ask their doctors about this life-saving therapy… the mainstream has been busy shaking the Stupid Tree.

First, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued a new set of marching orders. They’re now urging docs to push aspirin on millions of older Americans for “primary prevention,” or preventing a first heart attack.

Want to know how stupid that is? Along with not doing much to protect your ticker, aspirin can cause serious and even deadly bleeding problems — including dangerous bleeds right inside your brain.

Even the FDA has urged just the opposite, saying you should AVOID aspirin for primary prevention!

Next, there’s been a push to put millions of new patients on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

The New England Journal of Medicine published no less than THREE PAPERS claiming the drugs can save lives — but you can spot the stupid the moment you dig into the details, because the “benefit” is so small…it’s almost nonexistent.

According to the main study, statins will cut your risk of a heart attack, stroke, or heart-related death from 4.8 percent all the way down to 3.7 percent.

Even if the benefit were more significant, it wouldn’t be worth it because the drugs are proven to cause memory loss, muscle pain and even diabetes.

Compare that to testosterone therapy that’s got YEARS of research to back it — including a 2012 study that found higher testosterone levels will cut the risk of cardiovascular events by 30 percent.

Testosterone therapy not only protects your heart…but it also can strengthen your muscle AND sharpen your mind.

It’s not just men, by the way. Ladies need lower levels, but they still need it — and you can learn more in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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