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Don’t let them treat your prostate like a piñata!

The way so many surgeons attack the prostate, you’d think it was a piñata full of money.

In a way, it is. When they slice it open or bash it with radiation, cash practically spills out. Prostate cancer treatment is a $7.6 billion industry — and that number is expected to DOUBLE in the next five years.

If your doc is eyeing your prostate, I’ve got some news for you today: Treating prostate cancer probably won’t save your life, but it could almost certainly ruin it!

Studies have shown time and again the damage that these treatments can do — sometimes even turning a harmless tumor into something deadly — and now the latest research proves it yet again.

The study shows men who IGNORE their low-risk prostate tumors and REFUSE to get treated have a BETTER overall quality of life.

It’s an option called “active surveillance,” where you don’t get treated but agree to get tested every now and again to make sure the tumor hasn’t changed its mind and started to grow more rapidly.

Men who choose this “wait and see” approach are living just as well as men WITHOUT cancer… while guys who get conned into treatment live a life of misery and regret as they struggle with some of the most humiliating side effects you can imagine.

The study lays out the risks in black and white. Men who have surgery have lower quality of life scores for urinary function, incontinence, and sex; and men who have radiotherapy mostly suffer sexual side effects.

Put simply, the most precious part of your body might never work right again, forcing you into diapers as you live with the drip, drip, drip of a leaky penis or even full-blown incontinence.

And you can probably kiss your sex life goodbye, too — because odds are, it’s history.

Sometimes these side effects are temporary. But too often, they’ll be with you for the rest of your life.

Of course, with more patients getting wise, docs are adjusting their sales pitch.

They’ll play along with the “active surveillance” approach… at first.

But you can bet you’ll eventually hear a speech about how the tumor has grown and needs to be treated pronto.

Be sure to ask a whole lot of questions when (not “if”) he pulls that routine — because while some prostate tumors might ultimately need treatment, most don’t… even when they become a little more aggressive.

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