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Clean your teeth to protect your brain

If you want a sneak peek at the future of your brain, don’t ask your doc. He has no idea.

Don’t ask a neurologist either, unless you’re willing to fork over a whole lot of cash and submit to a battery of tests that might not tell you a thing anyway.

No, the guy who has the most insight just might be your dentist!

New research again confirms a direct link between your pearly whites and your gray matter, showing how issues with your oral health could put your mental health at risk — setting the stage for cognitive decline and even dementia.

And if you haven’t been as regular about brushing and flossing as you should… if your gums bleed when you floss (or if you don’t floss at all)… and if you’ve been putting off that next trip to the dentist… it’s time to get on the horn and make that appointment.

Because according to the review of 56 studies, where the health of your mouth goes, so goes your brain.

More missing teeth could mean more missing brain cells, because tooth loss increases the risk of cognitive decline or dementia. Extra cavities will also boost those odds, and so will the bleeding gums that mark gingivitis and let those nasty little critters into your bloodstream.

It’s not clear why there’s a link, but there are probably a few reasons. The same bacteria behind gum disease, for example, are often found racing around and wrecking havoc in the brain.

If that’s not bad enough, they’ve also been linked to heart attack, stroke, and more.

Obviously, if you’ve let your oral health slide a little, it’s time to start making amends. Just don’t be TOO exact about following your dentist’s orders, because he wants you to use more fluoride.

Some are even pushing high-fluoride prescription toothpaste at a cost of $30 a tube. You’d have to be suffering from brain problems to fall for that brazen hoodwink!

It’s not just the price that’s the problem; fluoride is a powerful neurotoxin proven to cause everything from stupidity to memory loss.

All you really need is some baking soda and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Mix them into a paste, massage them into your teeth and gums, and rinse with the peroxide.

Do this two or three times a day — and don’t forget to floss — and you’ll have the cleanest, brightest smile around…and a brain that hasn’t turned to mush.

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