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Do you really need a reason to drink more wine? Here it is!

It’s called “the French paradox,” because the people of France just love to drown everything in real butter, snack on full-fat cheese, and drink like fish…yet they have one of the lowest rates of heart disease on the planet!

But you don’t have to parlez-vous a word of Français to get YOUR heart in the same great shape, because the latest research shows how the most important part of those meals — the red wine — can help stop heart disease before it starts.

You’ve read right here in the Daily Dose how real butter and fresh cheese are packed with heart-friendly fats, and now turns out red wine can do for gummed-up arteries what the Roto-Rooter man will do for gunky pipes.

A compound locked inside every glass can rush through your arteries and sweep out all the junk — opening them up so your blood can flow freely.

The secret is resveratrol, a potent polyphenol known to fight disease and improve longevity so effectively it’s often called “the fountain of youth.”

The new study on mice could show WHY this stuff is so effective at extending lives.

When it comes to your arteries, the problem isn’t cholesterol, as clueless statin-slinging mainstream docs will tell you. It’s when that cholesterol sticks to the arteries — a problem caused by inflammation as well as a substance called trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO).

When resveratrol sweeps through, it washes away that TMAO, cutting levels so effectively that your cholesterol molecules will flow through instead of sticking to the artery walls, according to the study in mBio.

And that’s not the only way it helps.

You might think you like red wine… but the little critters that live in your gut just LOVE the stuff. They’re like the town wino; they can’t get enough of it — and when they get some resveratrol-packed wine, they’re so giddy that they stop making a compound called TMA, which is needed to produce TMAO.

The bottom line here is that this wine compound helps make sure your cholesterol doesn’t stick to your arteries, so they don’t harden…and you don’t drop dead.

Resveratrol comes from the grape skins that give red wines their color, so you won’t find it in whites.

And while red wine certainly contains enough of the stuff to make a difference — just ask the long-living French — it doesn’t contain a whole lot, so be sure to take a supplement.

You’ll find it available both on its own and as part of a polyphenol blend. You can use that wine to wash it down.

I’m not done with your daily drinks yet. Later today, I’ll share the best way to start your day.

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