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Toss your skim milk… and bring back whole!

The mainstream has been practically begging you to avoid fat…as if it’s the root of all dietary evil.

Well, my friend, today I’m going to set the record straight once and for all: Fat in your diet won’t make you grow fat on your belly anymore than chicken and fish in the diet will make you sprout feathers and fins.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, two new studies show how some of the most vilified fats of all will help you LOSE weight and SLASH your risk of diabetes.

And if you’re sick of drinking thin and watery low-fat milk (or, God help you, skim)… you’re tired of gnawing on bland and rubbery cheese… and 0% yogurt makes your stomach turn… I’ve got some excellent news for you today.

It’s time to put REAL dairy back on the menu!

Turns out the mass switch to low-fat dairy hasn’t helped slow the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes In fact, as the new studies show, low-fat dairy has actually played a key role in CAUSING both.

The first study finds that eating and drinking full-fat dairy products will CUT your risk of obesity by about 8 percent.

The second shows that no matter what you weigh — whether you’re stick-thin or carrying around a spare tire — eating and drinking full-fat dairy will cut your risk of diabetes almost in half.

That one tracked more than 3,300 dieters for some 15 years, carefully checking their blood for three markers of full-fat dairy — and the folks who had the highest levels were 46 percent less likely to develop diabetes.

There’s no mystery behind this one. Animal fats and proteins — whether they come from a cow’s milk or a cow’s meat — make you feel fuller longer.

When you pull those fats off your plate, you feel less satisfied… and you end up reaching for something else to eat.

In addition, many of the low-fat foods contain less fat but MORE sugars and other empty carbs, which not only promote weight gain but also lead to less satisfaction, more hunger, and more eating and over-eating.

In other words, a low-fat “diet” is perfectly designed to create a vicious cycle that promotes weight gain and obesity.

So make the switch back to full-fat milk for yourself and your family. More importantly, if you want the REAL disease-fighting, immune-boosting, life-giving benefits of dairy, go right to the farm and get your hands on a steady supply of unpasteurized fresh, raw milk.

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