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Processed carbs can make harmless tumors deadly

Don’t reach for that donut yet!

If you’re slim and trim, you might think you’ve got a little wiggle room in your diet. You can cheat a little, right?


Bad food is bad food no matter what you weigh, and the latest research shows how the worst junk of all can have devastating health consequences — and it doesn’t matter if you’re shaped like a pencil or a beer barrel.

You’ve read right here in the Daily Dose that carbs are the worst of the worst — and not just because they can cause weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease.

New research shows they can cause something far worse and often deadlier: CANCER!

The new study looked at “high glycemic index” foods that cause the quickest spikes in blood sugar — whether it’s a donut or a potato — and found that eating more of them can increase your risk of not one but TWO of the leading cancers in the country.

Men, high-glycemic foods overall will increase your risk of prostate cancer by 88 percent — and that’s just your starting point, because some bad foods are far worse than others.

According to the study presented at an American Society for Nutrition meeting, processed carbs like junky snacks and sugary soft drinks will increase that risk further, doubling and even TRIPLING your odds of getting prostate cancer.

Ladies, those same unhealthy carbs will increase your risk of breast cancer — but the good news is that steering clear of them will cut that risk. If you eat low-glycemic foods — foods that WON’T raise your blood sugar much — your risk of breast cancer plunges by 67 percent.

Now, neither of those cancers are as deadly as they’ve been made out to be by the mainstream.

Many of those tumors are often completely harmless…at first.

But these two cancers in particular need SUGAR to grow and thrive. Give them a little taste of the sweet stuff, and they could turn into a stone-cold killer.

That means eating carbs is like giving bullets to someone who’s already pointing a gun at you.

So whether you can eat a whole pizza by yourself without gaining weight, or you can feel your waistline expanding just thinking about a pizza, there’s just one thing to do: Give up the carbs.

Along with cutting your cancer risk, a low-carb diet will prevent or even reverse diabetes and heart disease and help ward off dementia. And if you need to drop a few pounds, this same diet will cause your unwanted body fat to practically melt away.

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