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You’ll LOVE these powerful inflammation-fighters!

It’s a Saturday night tradition here at Harrison House: SURF ‘N’ TURF!

Tonight, you might want to start a tradition of your own — complete with some cold brews, fresh fish, and delicious steak — because it’s not just a recipe for a terrific evening and a memorable meal.

It’s also just about the HEALTHIEST feast you could feed your family!

The latest research backs the life-changing (and life-saving) benefits of a surf ‘n’ turf dinner, showing how two of the most important nutrients in that delicious meal could fight one of the most damaging signs of chronic disease: inflammation.

You might know inflammation as the way an eye puffs up when someone gets socked in the peeper… or the way a cut swells as white blood cells rush to the area to fight off potential infection.

Inflammation can take place on the inside as well as out, and too much of it can wreck you on just about every level. Heart disease, dementia, chronic pain, and more can all be triggered or worsened by inflammation.

That’s where your surf ‘n’ turf dinner comes in, because the omega-3 fatty acids in fish and the B vitamins in steak are each powerful inflammation-fighters on their own.

But when you combine them, you get more than double the punch — because the new study finds that each makes the other better.

Fish oil supplements alone will slash homocysteine, a key inflammation marker linked to both heart and brain risk, by an average of 8.5 percent.

So far so good… but if you want better, mix some B vitamins into the picture, because the new study finds homocysteine levels drop even more when you get B6 and B12 along with your fish oil.

The best source of B12? That turf part of your meal!

And those aren’t the only ways they can fight inflammation.

One study you read about right here in the Daily Dose found fish oil can cut CRP levels — a key marker of inflammation linked to heart disease and stroke — by 16 percent.

B vitamins are just as critical, and a study earlier this year found that most seniors are badly deficient.

Clearly, they’re not getting enough steak!

Your surf ‘n’ turf dinner is a great way to start tipping the balance back in your favor. But don’t stop there — because to truly get what you need on a consistent basis, you’d need to take a supplement: a quality omega-3 blend, and a B-complex from a maker you trust.

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