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Popular diabetes drug in deadly new risk

Big Pharma’s been drugging diabetics like there’s no tomorrow — and if you’re a diabetic who takes those drugs, there might not be a tomorrow for you.

The industry doesn’t care; they want your cash today, so they rush meds to market as quickly as they can and then charge you through the teeth for the chance to play guinea pig by taking them.

It’s often YEARS before the true risks are exposed.

And today, we’ve got confirmation of one nightmare of a risk linked to Actos, which just a few years back was the “latest and greatest” diabetes drug taken by the masses.

And if you were one of them… if you took Actos for an extended period, even if it was years ago… your risk of bladder cancer shot up by a whopping 63 percent.

The biggest risk goes to folks who took the drug at least two years, or had a combined lifetime dose of 28,000 milligrams or more.

That might sound like a lot, but with standard doses of 15, 30, and 45 mg a day, it adds up fast. It would take just two and a half years to hit 28,000 mg at 30 mg per day.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the company that makes the thing, Takeda, is spitting wooden nickels over the new study, screaming as if the drug is safer than a newborn kitten.

But back in 2011 the FDA itself warned that using it for more than a year could increase the risk of bladder cancer by 40 percent, and the company could shell out as much as $2.4 BILLION to settle lawsuits over the cancer risk.

So much for safe!

If you’re on some other, newer diabetes med, don’t take too much comfort in it. Just like it took a while to learn of the risks of Actos, you can bet the true risks of today’s “latest and greatest” drugs won’t be known for years.

And by then, the industry will have moved on yet again.

You don’t have to jump from one risk to another, and you don’t have to hope that today’s “safe” med won’t be linked to some horrible new danger tomorrow. What you really need is a new approach — one that could stop diabetes in its tracks and help you reduce or even eliminate your meds.

A low-carb diet along will often help bring blood sugar levels back under control. Combine it with natural therapies such as benfotiamine and cinnamon extract, and you might reach the point where you could kiss your meds goodbye.

You might not even need your insulin shots anymore!

The key is to commit to a new outlook on life rather than a new drug — and don’t go it alone.

Work closely with a naturopathic medical doctor who has experience with diabetics. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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