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Obamacare is running out of money

I like to give credit where credit is due, so let’s give President Barack Obama a tip of the cap for efficiency.

It used to take DECADES for socialist systems to go bankrupt and collapse. Just look at how long the old Soviet Union held out.

But Obama’s brand of socialism is already on the verge of ruin after a few short years, as a new report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association warns that this entire scheme is about to start falling like dominos.

Some 20 million people have gotten insurance through Obamacare, which sounds good until you see the rest of the numbers.

In order to “work,” EVERYONE has to buy insurance, so the healthy people can subsidize the sick.

But most healthy uninsured STILL haven’t signed up, despite the law. They’re just paying the tax penalty (or nothing at all) and moving on.

That means there’s no one subsidizing the sick. No one, that is… except YOU.

You’re shelling out big money, because the new report finds many of those 20 million newly-insured have more problems than a math test. They’re sick, poor, and suffering from chronic — and EXPENSIVE — conditions that require ongoing care such as HIV, hepatitis C, and diabetes, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

People with absolutely ZERO health problems were supposed to be forced into paying for all those sick people. Instead, YOU’RE getting jammed with a $43 billion bill (and growing), just to pay for Obamacare subsidies alone.

With the government blowing billions left and right, it’s easy to lose perspective — so let me show you how big that number really is: The entire gross domestic product of the state of Vermont is $29 billion.

Obamacare subsidies are costing the nation 50 percent more than the value of an entire U.S. state!

Someone’s got to pay for all this, so congratulations. That someone is YOU. You’re paying in the form of higher taxes… bigger opt-out penalties… and more in premiums and co-pays than ever before.

And money is just part of the toll — it’s costing you in other ways, too.

All those sick patients with new insurance need doctors to care for them — including YOUR doctor. He’s been busier than a rooster in a henhouse. If you’ve had trouble making an appointment lately, there’s your reason.

So let this be a reminder: With the election turning into a three-ring circus, keep your eyes on the big picture and make sure you only vote for people who promise to end this scheme before it bankrupts all of us.

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