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Ladies, here’s how to FINALLY deflate your spare tire

Life’s a prankster — and it’s one with a cruel streak.

One moment, you’re flying high. The next, you’re face down in the mud. And ladies, nothing can knock you off your feet quite like the years following menopause.

Before “the change,” you were slim and trim, full of vim and vigor.

In the years after, your energy levels plunged… your metabolism slowed to a crawl… and the pounds started to pile up, especially right on your hips and butt.

It’s not fair!

Well, ladies, it’s time to get the last laugh on that old prankster, because new research shows a quick trick that can help you shed the stubborn extra weight that’s been gathering around your middle.

And all you have to do is follow the diet advice I’ve been dishing out all along!

The new study uses the word “paleo” because it’s all the rage right now, but there was nothing especially “Paleolithic” about the diet in the study. No one was hunting woolly mammoth for dinner.

In reality, it was just a modified low-carb diet, and the older gals who followed it were told to get 40 percent of their calories from fat, 30 percent from protein, and another 30 in carbs.

A second group of dieters was told to limit their fat to just 30 percent and protein down to a measly 15 percent, while carb intake shot up to 55 percent — or very similar to the disastrous mainstream diet recommendations foisted on diabetics and folks at risk of heart disease.

Two years later, women in both groups managed to lose some weight, especially the unsightly (and downright dangerous) fat around the middle, which is linked to diabetes and heart disease.

But the gals who followed the modified “paleo” diet did better by the most important measure of all when it comes to your health risk: they had a big-time improvement in insulin sensitivity.

That means better control over blood sugar… and better blood sugar control means a lower risk of diabetes and other serious health problems including heart disease and dementia.

Ready for the key part? They did all this not only while boosting FAT and PROTEIN intake… but they also did it without cutting (or even counting) calories!

The study isn’t perfect. The women in the so-called “paleo” group were told to limit saturated fats and get their protein from leaner meats, when saturated fats are perfectly healthy (not to mention essential).

So if you’re ready to lose weight, gain energy and cut the risk of diabetes and heart disease at the same time, forget everything you’ve been told about diet and try something new: Go low-carb, and you’ll feel the difference in a matter of days.

I’ll have more on how to prevent diabetes later today — so keep an eye on your inbox. If you’ve been told you have pre-diabetes, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

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