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When paying more is worth it

When I was a kid, I planted an old half dollar out in the backyard hoping a tree would sprout with dollars for leaves and coins for fruit.

I’m still waiting for that money tree to grow. And until it pokes its head up out of the ground, I’m going to be careful with every buck I get.

I’m not prone to paying a penny more than I have to — but there’s one time when you’ll find me gladly shelling out extra, and that’s when it comes to buying my meat.

Steaks, chicken, pork chops… you name it, I pay big…and I do it gladly for the sake of getting organic meats.

Honest organics are fresher and tastier, and they come from farms where the animals aren’t knee-deep in their own filth. And new research confirms something even more important: They’re healthier, too!

Big Ag has scoffed at organics, claiming the industry’s grain-fed cows pumped full of drugs and hormones are just as healthy as animals raised on nothing more than pasture and sunlight.

If that smells like a cow pie to you, that’s because it is.

The new review looks at nearly 200 studies on milk and 67 studies on meat and found that the organics win by nearly every measure you care about.

First of all, animals on organic farms can’t be given antibiotics, making it much less likely that superbug germs will be crawling all over your chicken dinner… and they can’t be pumped full of hormones, either.

But on top of that, organics are packed with 50 percent more of the essential omega-3 fatty acids that are so critical to heart health and brain function.

These fatty acids are so essential that mainstream docs are now urging their patients to take supplements… and even Big Pharma is trying to muscle in with their own versions of omega-3 pills.

A supplement is still a great idea, but you can get more of what you need from the food you eat if you go organic.

Organic milk also has higher levels of key nutrients like iron and vitamin E, and 40 percent more conjugated linoleic acid.

Unlike the ordinary linoleic acid often found in junk food, CLA is a nutritional powerhouse that can punch out diabetes and cancer and help you lose some weight… all at the same time.

That said, if you truly want the BEST moo juice around, go beyond organic and drink farm-fresh raw milk.

Don’t stop with steak and milk. In an earlier study, the same team found organic fruits and veggies contain higher concentrations of disease-fighting, age-stopping, heart-pumping antioxidants.

They also contain lower levels of cadmium, a toxic metal, and ZERO chemical pesticides and herbicides.

Read more about that one right here.

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