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The ‘forbidden foods’ that can improve your sleep tonight!

I don’t mind a little salad with dinner, especially if it’s the kind that has bacon and bleu cheese on it.

But can you imagine eating plain old bunny chow not just with dinner… but instead of it?


I know a salad might seem like the perfect “diet dinner” if you’re trying to drop a few pounds. But don’t fall for it, because it not only WON’T help you lose much weight, but new research shows how a plate of greens in the evening could keep you up all night.

It’s not just the hunger pangs of eating a plate of non-food that’ll keep you up, either.

It’s the complete lack of protein — because the new study confirms that this stuff is absolutely critical to good sleep!

Now, I could’ve saved the researchers the trouble, because just about everyone on a low-carb diet will tell you they’ve never slept better.

But the Purdue team hasn’t heard the news, so they did two separate studies.

First, in a small study, they found boosting protein intake led to better sleep in just four weeks.

Then, in a larger study, 44 overweight and obese adults were put on a diet for weight loss for 16 weeks. Half got the normal amount of protein, while the rest were in hog heaven with DOUBLE the usual levels.

Sure enough, the folks who had low intake were tossing and turning all night — while the ones who got the protein boost slept like babies.

More sleep… and BETTER sleep… and that doesn’t just mean feeling better in the morning.

When you don’t get the sleep you need, you can struggle to lose weight or gain it, even when you’re trying to diet.

Sleep problems can also damage the brain, heart and more.

If the study falls short in any way, it’s that the researchers claim it doesn’t matter if you get your protein from soy or steak — and that’s just bull.

The real reason protein helps the sandman make his rounds is that the “sleep hormone” melatonin is made from the amino acid tryptophan.

Where do you get amino acids from? Protein!

While all proteins (even soy) contain at least some amino acids, only ANIMAL proteins contain all of the essential amino acids. If you rely on soy, you’ll fall short.

So if you want to eat better than ever, lose weight and get the best sleep of your life all at the same time, do your body a favor and make the switch today to a diet low in sleep-disrupting carbohydrates and high in delicious, fresh animal fats.

When you choose your meats, make sure you choose organics — and I’ll tell you why it’s worth the extra scratch in tomorrow’s Daily Dose.

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