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The morning secret to better blood sugar control

Visiting a doc when you’ve got diabetes is like getting arrested by the Fun Police.

He’ll tell you how bad every single last thing you love is supposed to be for folks with your disease — and that it’s time to quit them all.

No more booze…no more bacon…no more coffee.

If you’ve heard that song and dance before, I’m here with a new tune that’ll really get you jumping for joy, because all that fun-killing advice is flat-out wrong!

The latest research proves that coffee isn’t just “safe” for diabetics — it’s downright essential! And it can even play a critical role in helping you get the upper hand on this disease.

Coffee is a top source of chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant that can help control blood sugar in diabetics and non-diabetics alike, especially after meals.

And if you’ve got diabetes, drinking coffee every day can pack some serious punch. Over the long term, three or four cups a day will cut your blood sugar levels by a stunning 20 percent.

That’s not all coffee can do. It can also cut levels of the uric acid linked to both painful gout and diabetes complications by 15 percent.

Not diabetic? Drink up — because the same study finds that coffee can help you AVOID the disease!

The blood sugar benefits aren’t quite as big if you don’t have diabetes, but a daily habit will still slash your levels by 5 percent. Even better, it can cut your uric acid by 10 percent — so along with avoiding diabetes, coffee can help prevent a debilitating battle with gout.

Naturally, the Fun Police will tell you that coffee still has caffeine — and caffeine is supposed to be bad for you. I’ve even heard some of these hacks claim it should be regulated “like a drug” because of all the supposed risk.

That’s a bunch of bunk, and the study even proves it. In diabetics, you’d have to drink more than a half-gallon of coffee per day before problems like anxiety, restlessness, spasms, and more start to kick in!

Even I would tell you that’s probably too much coffee — so keep it to a few mugs per day, and you’ll get all the taste and benefits…not to mention a little pick-me-up from that eye-opening caffeine.

And while you’re at it, put the booze and bacon back on the menu, too.

Wine is proven to cut heart risk in diabetics, and bacon is a terrific part of a healthy diabetes-busting diet low in carbs and high in fresh animal fats.

Drink up… and dig in!

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