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Once the sun starts to show its face around this time of year, the Chicken Littles scream like the sky is falling.

They warn you not to go outside without basting yourself in chemical sunscreen, wearing a hat, and even putting on long sleeves and pants on a hot, sunny day.

What’s next, a hazmat suit for a trip to the beach?

Well, my friend, it’s time to tell the paranoid poultry to go peck somewhere else — because you’re going to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

And new research reveals that if you DON’T get out under that sunshine-filled sky, YOU could be what’s falling… right into a six-foot ditch. Here’s the cold truth about the hot sun: The less time you spend basking in it, the higher your risk of dropping dead.

The study of nearly 30,000 women in Sweden finds that women who get the least amount of sun die up to 2.1 years sooner than women who get the most.

Women who get out and bask in the rays of our favorite star, on the other hand, not only live longer… they also have a lower risk of both heart disease and death from heart disease.

If the sun were so bad for you, how could that possibly be?

The study was on women, but ALL of us need regular time out under the sun, not only to make vitamin D but also to get our hormone factory working on schedule and goose the brain’s production of essential serotonin.

Sunlight can also stimulate the production of the nitric oxide needed to keep your arteries open and blood flowing — protecting you from heart disease and heart attack.

And despite what you’ve heard, sunlight isn’t the cause of the deadliest form of cancer, melanoma. It can actually protect against it — which is why the nation’s HIGHEST rates of melanoma are in states with some of the lowest annual sunlight, including New Hampshire and Minnesota.

Meanwhile, the disease rates are lowest in sun-soaked Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

So here’s the REAL deal on sun safety: You’re perfectly safe under the sun until you start turning pink. Once you hit that point, head inside or at least park your rear under a beach umbrella.

Whatever you do, don’t cover up with sunscreen — because the chemicals used inside them can CAUSE the very cancers they’re supposed to help you avoid.

Learn more about the risks in this warning about what’s REALLY hiding inside your sunscreen.

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