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How Obamacare bean-counters will try to steal your dialysis

They call it “managed care” but you know what they’re really managing.

It’s not your care… it’s how LITTLE care they can give you and get away with it!

If you let these crooks “manage” your “care,” they’ll manage you right into an early grave — because with healthcare costs still rising, petty Obamacare bureaucrats are desperately trying to pinch every penny they can.

That means DENYING you treatments you need because they’re too pricey for their pockets…or making you fight so long and hard for it that you’ll drop dead long before you win…and it’s all in the name of saving a buck.

And if you’re living with dialysis, my friend, get ready for a whole new battle — because thanks to a new study, the “managed care” crowd is about to go into a frenzy of claims denials.

This one, out of the Netherlands. found dialysis didn’t do much for folks past the age of 80.

In the study there was no difference in survival rates between elderly patients who stayed on dialysis and those who switched to “conservative care” — which just meant watching their fluids carefully to keep electrolytes balanced and keeping anemia at bay.

When all was said and done, sicker patients died sooner whether they were on dialysis or not, while healthier ones stuck it out a bit longer.

Sure, this one study doesn’t mean dialysis won’t help ANYONE over the age of 80, but the penny-pinchers who are managing your “affordable” care are looking for any excuse not to shell out money to doctors and hospitals on your behalf.

No doubt, they’ll use this to start pressuring you to call it quits on the dialysis…or as an excuse why they won’t cover it…and if you want to stay on it, you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket.

I’m not saying you need to stick with dialysis come hell or high water. There may come a time when you’re better off avoiding the risk of infection, pulling the plug on the whole thing, and enjoying the time you have left OUTSIDE of the dialysis center –without feeling like a human pincushion.

But there’s only one person who can make that decision and it’s not some Obamacare pencil pusher.

It’s YOU.

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