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Urgent new warning for Parkinson’s patients

You don’t have to turn on The Walking Dead to see zombies — you just have to visit your local care facility.

Watch for seniors with a blank look in their eyes and the slow, ambling shuffle as they trudge toward the grave.

You might think these are the sickest of the sick and the weakest of the weak… but what you’re seeing isn’t the one-two punch of old age and illness.

It’s the side effects of medication — especially the drugs given to patients with Parkinson’s and dementia in so-called “care” facilities.

And now, new research shows how one type of med in particular can do more than just make it SEEM like you’re one of the “walking dead.”

It can turn you into ACTUAL dead!

The drugs are called antipsychotics, and the new study finds they can double the risk of death in Parkinson’s patients. One drug in particular, haloperidol — a.k.a. Haldol — can increase the risk of death by more than five times.

Care facilities claim the drugs are necessary because too many patients go out of their minds after they check in.

But there’s a simple and obvious reason they’ve gone bonkers… and it’s not the Parkinson’s disease.

It’s the disease combined with the fact that they’ve just lost the one and only thing that REALLY matters: their independence.

They can’t get dressed, take a bath, or even brush their teeth on their own anymore; so, they’ve been yanked from the comfort of home and tossed to the cold walls (and colder meals) of institutional care.

If you saw some of these joints — I mean REALLY saw them, not just what they show you on the “family tour” — you’d go batty, too!

Instead of doing something obvious — y’know, maybe actually providing halfway decent living conditions for a change — they wouldn’t have angry Parkinson’s patients ready to tear down the walls.

But most of those places exist to cash Medicare checks, so they’ll do what comes cheap and easy — and nothing comes cheaper and easier than doping your patients into complacency.

It’s not just Parkinson’s patients, by the way. Care facilities have been pulling the same racket with dementia patients, and those folks are facing the same risks as a result.

One study a couple of years back found antipsychotics will double the risk of death in dementia patients.

I’d say it’s high time that the crooks who run those joints get tossed in the slammer for negligence…and that care facilities should be run by folks who actually care.

But since that’s not happening anytime soon, you’re best bet is to make sure you never end up inside of one.

And that means if you’re at risk for either of these conditions… or have them and want to slow them down… be sure to work closely with a naturopathic medical doctor.

I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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