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It’s allergy season already???

I can’t make heads or tails of the weather anymore.

March didn’t go in OR out like a lion this year…and even the TV weathermen are confounded. They’ve resorted to just reporting the weather as it happens, rather than trying to actually forecast it.

Come on — can we really only get an accurate prediction from a burrowing rodent that’s afraid of his own shadow?

While Punxsatawney Phil has got his own method of foretelling an early spring, I could tell we were in for a short winter just by the number of people who’ve been sneezing, hacking, and wheezing earlier than ever this year!

Spring has barely sprung, but allergy season has already been under way in many parts of the nation, where folks are walking around with glassy eyes and a semi-permanent sniffle.

We had a milder winter, so the plants and trees that don’t usually bloom until April or May are already waking up here in March…and they’ve got your nose running like it’s training for a marathon.

Whether it’s mold spores…or pollens from trees, grass, or flowers…your genetics determine how severe of a reaction you’ll have when those little invaders fly up your nose. If you’ve got severe seasonal allergies, your body goes into a full-fledged immune response, which ends up inflaming your respiratory passageways and sneezing like you’re trying to cast out a demon.

And if it’s been warm…or windy…or rainy…the weather can make it all the more insufferable.

For some people, their allergies NEVER go away — not even in winter.

But you don’t need to pop a pricey allergy pill to get the relief you’re looking for; and you don’t have to battle irritating side effects like drowsiness or “dry mouth,” which can feel like you’ve been chewing on cotton balls.

There are simple, safe and easy ways to beat allergies any time of year — no matter what it is that gets swept up in a spring breeze and delivered straight into your honker. And none of them involve locking yourself up inside when you could be soaking in some sunshine!

First, try butterbur supplements — because studies have found this inexpensive all-natural remedy works as well as the allergy drug cetirizine (Zyrtec) and fexofenadine (Allegra), but without the side effects.

Second, consider homeopathic remedies. Don’t just buy something that says “homeopathic allergies” on it; you need to look closely and find the specific medicine that matches your symptoms (and you might need more than one).

And finally, drink some farm-fresh raw milk — because it’s nature’s best cure for allergies and asthma. Studies show kids raised on this stuff grow up to be allergy-proof — and if you get started now, it may not be too late to get some of those benefits for yourself.

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