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New government attack on your right to natural cures

You wouldn’t go to a vitamin shop to get legal advice — so I sure as heck hope you don’t pick up nutritional tips from the Department of Justice.

For reasons I can’t figure out, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch just released a video message to attack the entire vitamin industry, claiming there are problems with both safety and effectiveness.

“What many Americans don’t know is that dietary supplements are not subject to testing by the Food and Drug Administration before they reach store shelves — meaning that every day, millions of Americans are ingesting substances whose safety and efficacy are not guaranteed,” she claimed.

Yes, it’s that tired old talking point about how the FDA doesn’t regulate vitamins — and therefore they’re not safe.

Let’s put this one to bed for good, because it’s 100 percent false.

This is directly from the FDA’s website, on a page called “What Does FDA Do?”: “Assuring cosmetics and dietary supplements are safe and properly labeled.”

In addition, the FDA doesn’t GUARANTEE the “safety and efficacy” of the drugs it approves, either — only that they’re safe ENOUGH.

I’m not making this up — the agency puts it right there in black and white: “When a medicine’s benefits outweigh its known risks, the FDA considers it safe enough to approve.”

Of course, they claim, meds come with risks and some “may not work as expected” or “may cause additional problems.”

If you want the truth about what’s safe and what’s not, just look at the numbers.

Dietary supplements have an unparalleled safety record, considering how many people use them — and in 2013, not ONE of them died.

Meds, on the other hand, are another story. Prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of leading to serious problems that are only discovered AFTER they’re approved, according to Harvard researchers.

Every year, 2.74 million Americans are hospitalized due to drug reactions, and 128,000 people DIE because of legally prescribed medications.

I think it’s pretty clear which one’s safe… and which one isn’t EVEN “safe enough.”

We don’t have to sit for this. The attorney general works for us, at least in theory. It’s time to let her know she’s got her priorities screwed up before she takes the next step and tries to cut off access to the safe and effective natural therapies you depend on.

The Alliance for Natural Health has an online letter you can use to let her know just how wrong she is. You can add your name and send it to her here.

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