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Daffy new study attempts to explain fast food

Daffy new study attempts to explain fast food

Some researchers operate on the bleeding edge of science — working on major breakthroughs that could change the world.

But that’s not most researchers.

Most researchers are riding the gravy train of easy grant money, publishing papers that “prove” what we already know.

Water’s wet, the sky’s blue… and new research finds that if you treat your body like crap, you’ll turn into a big old pile of you-know-what sooner rather than later.

Yes, my friend, a new study actually “proves” that eating garbage and sitting on your rear all day is no good for you.

What’s next — research that finds closing your eyes makes it difficult to see?

This new study wasn’t even on humans. It was on mice given either normal food or fast food, and access to an exercise wheel.

The mice that ate the fast food got fatter, and — here’s a big discovery for you — they got especially bigger right in their little rodent bellies.

Now, the mice that ate fast food and ran on their wheels got less fat; but despite getting the exercise, they were still much fatter than the ones that didn’t eat junk at all.

They also found that fast-food-eating mice had higher levels of the senescent cells linked to aging and disease.

I’m not sure what this study proves other than a Big Mac will do to mice what it does to people. The researchers, on the other hand, are acting like they’ve had some kind of breakthrough.

“That doesn’t mean that we need to be marathon runners, but we need to find ways to increase our habitual activity levels to stay healthy and prevent processes that drive aging and aging-related diseases,” Dr. Nathan LeBrasseur told MedPageToday.

Gee, doc, ya think???

Anyone who needs a study to figure this out is probably going to become a winner of a Darwin Award long before age and disease catches up with him.

The conclusion, which is more obvious than a punch in the eye, isn’t what’s amazing about this study.

It’s that it comes from the world-famous Mayo Clinic.

Just goes to show that a big name alone is no assurance a study’s going to be worth your while.

OBVIOUSLY you don’t want to eat fast food in any amount. What’s not so obvious — what the study (naturally) didn’t even touch on — is that most packaged “diet” foods on the shelf aren’t much better for you than fast food.

If you really want to lose weight, get back to basics. Forget everything you’ve been told about diets and eat rich, natural animal fats, minimal carbs, and zero processed foods.

You don’t need to run in a wheel like a mouse to get your activity — just get up out of your seat and move around a bit throughout the day, every day and be sure to get outside even if it’s just for a walk.

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