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Terrifying new risk of men’s “bedroom pill”

Watch out, men — there’s a new risk linked to penis pills, and you won’t hear about it from the fast-talking hucksters who rush through the list of side effects at the end of those irritating commercials.

And while some of the notorious side effects of these drugs could ruin your day… this newly-exposed risk could end your life!

Researchers have just announced that sildenafil (Viagra) can raise your risk of the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma.

You see, drugs like this work to treat erectile dysfunction by inhibiting an enzyme in the penis tissue called PDE5. PDE5 acts “like a brake” on a signaling pathway called cGMP, which is a messenger that signals the regulation of various processes in your body — including cell death, a natural part of aging and your body’s way of “renewing” itself by getting rid of the old cells and bringing in new ones.

But when PDE5 is inhibited, that allows melanoma to hijack that signaling pathway.

They’re acting like this is a big discovery, but the evidence has been hiding in plain sight all along. Just last year, you read right here in the Daily Dose how melanoma also blocks PDE5 — as if the cancer needs to shut down that enzyme in order to take hold.

Pop a sex med, and you’re making the cancer’s job that much easier… and while the new study focused on Viagra, I’d bet any penis pill that blocks PDE5 carries the same risk.

Amazingly, the researchers managed to conclude that men should feel free to take the drugs anyway — and the logic behind this is going to make your head spin.

The drugs are fine, they say, because they probably won’t CAUSE melanoma to form. No, they’ll just make melanoma WORSE if you’ve already got it.

But they’re ignoring the fact that you could have a melanoma forming in your body somewhere RIGHT NOW and not even know it. And sure, maybe it’ll never take hold, never get detected. and never need treatment.

But pop some penis pills, and all bets are off.

I think you’d have to be nuts to take that risk — but I also know the inability to “get the job done” can drive you so batty that you’re willing to face any risk to fix it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

What most men need isn’t a sex med… it’s testosterone!

There’s nothing that can rob you of your manhood faster than low levels of this essential manly hormone; and if you’re past middle age, there’s a good chance you’re falling short.

There are supplements that can get your own body’s hormone factory to produce more testosterone, or you can go straight to the source with hormone therapy. Learn more about the benefits in this free reportfrom the Daily Dose archives.

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