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How to stop Alzheimer’s… even if you’re already battling cognitive problems

You know the drill: use it or lose it.

And if you don’t give yourself a little activity every day, eventually you’re gonna really “lose it.”

But before you lose your life to obesity, diabetes, and/or heart disease, you’ll lose something else first… something you might find a whole lot more important.

You’ll lose your mind!

New research shows again how the modern couch-potato lifestyle could turn your brain into spuds — but don’t jump up out of your sofa and rush off to join a gym just yet.

The same study also proves the time-tested common-sense advice you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose: You don’t have to make yourself misera

ble to get the blood-pumping, heart-boosting, brain-saving benefits of exercise.

You can increase your gray matter, boost your cognition, and protect your brain…all by doing the activities you already love.

You know what I’m talking about — the ones you want to do, but never seem to find the time for.

Consider this your license to make the time. Call up your buds and make sure you hit the links a couple of times a week. Get back out in the garden and try to grow a prize tomato. And don’t be afraid to take the dance floor by storm with your sweetie to show folks half your age how it’s REALLY done.

According to the new study, having a variety of leisure-time activities can increase brain volume in three key regions: the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes.

That last one includes the all-important hippocampus — and that’s the part of your brain that really starts to shrink when dementia’s setting in.

The study finds that a variety of physical activities can boost the brain in those regions so much that it can cut your risk of Alzheimer’s disease in HALF.

Think that’s good? Let’s make this even better: The study finds these activities will help protect your brain and prevent dementia… even if you’re already battling the early stages of cognitive impairment!

Of course, that’s hardly the only benefit of getting up and enjoying yourself a little every day. Those same activities will help slash your risk of just about every disease you’re trying to avoid, whether it’s heart disease or cancer.

They can even cut your risk of death… and studies show these pleasurable daily activities are actually far better for you than a daily sweat session in a gym.

So dust off those golf clubs, break out your gardening tools, and polish up your dancing shoes.

You already bought them… it’s time to get your money’s worth!

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