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How terminal patients are CONNED by unethical oncologists

It’s the one word you’ve been dreading more than any other: cancer.

And it’s not just any ol’ tumor…it’s the worst kind of cancer…one the doc is calling “advanced” and “aggressive.” If he’s a no-BS kinda guy, he’ll use another word that tells you what you’re REALLY up against.


I’m sorry, my friend. And right when you’re at your most desperate and vulnerable, the blood-sucking vultures of mainstream oncology will come swooping in to see how much cash they can bleed out of you before you die.

New research exposes the ugly truth about cancer treatments, showing in black and white how these crooks will put you on expensive new drugs with huge out-of-pocket costs and terrible side effects despite the fact that they’re no more effective at fighting cancer and have WORSE side effects than the cheaper drugs that were used just a few years prior.

In fact, those pricey new meds — which can cost about $1,000 a month — do practically nothing to extend your life if you’re past a certain age.

And yet that’s who it seems are being targeted the most to take these drugs!

Back in 2012, some 53 percent of patients over the age of 75 with advanced colon cancer were put on three or more drugs to fight the cancer — despite the fact that their survival rate is extended only by an average of ONE MONTH.

Ten years prior, just 2 percent of these older folks were on three or more drugs…and the drugs were 10 times cheaper.

You do the math.

But the REAL cost of that extra time is more than just money. You’ll pay big in the form of relentless and miserable side effects.

Some of these new drugs can literally punch holes in your gut and/or damage the walls of your bowels. They can cause hemorrhages, problems with wound healing, and all the usual side effects such as diarrhea, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting.

These side effects don’t wait until that final, extra month to strike. Some can hit you the moment you start taking them!

So if you ever do get this kind of bad news, whether it’s about colorectal cancer or any other form of the dreaded disease, don’t let some shady doc push you into a treatment that could wreck your life instead of saving it.

Instead, take a deep breath and do your homework. Get the lowdown on ALL your options, including the tried-and-true natural therapies your doc won’t even mention.

Because it isn’t so much a question of how MUCH you want to spend… but how WELL you want to live. Would you rather be in misery for a whole year or have a reasonable quality of life for just 11 months?

I’m not done with cancer scams yet. I’ve got another outrage to share with you later today.

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