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This common cause of lung cancer will shock you

If you’ve ever tried to smoke in public, you know the reaction.

The moment a cigarette or cigar even appears in your hand it starts: The dirty looks… the hostile grunts… even the fake coughs, and you haven’t even lit the darn thing yet!

The same PC bullies who’ll try to shame you out of smoking will think nothing of knocking back a Coke. They might even be sucking on a soda while they give you those dirty looks.

Maybe they should turn those ugly stares inward, because the latest research reveals how they’re practically KILLING their own lungs.

The sugar in soda… the flour in bread… the empty starch of a potato… anything that causes blood sugar to spike could cause a tumor to form and grow in your lungs.

Even if you’ve never so much as taken a puff of tobacco — even if you run screaming from the room the moment anyone lights up — a diet with high-glycemic foods will more than DOUBLE your risk of lung cancer.

Cancer is like a kid waiting for the Easter Bunny: It just can’t wait to get some sugar.

When you eat high-glycemic foods — whether it’s something that contains actual sugar, or just an empty starch that your body converts into sugar — your blood sugar levels spike.

That delivers a little taste of sugar to every corner of your body. If there happens to be a sugar-loving tumor trying to form, that spike is like nitro fuel and turbocharges the cancer so it can grow faster.

Next thing you know, you’re in a room with a doc looking at an image of your lungs.

You never smoked…but you were burned by your diet!

This being a mainstream study, of course the researchers can’t help but get in a few digs at smokers. They say that while sugar can raise the risk, smoking is still the leading cause of lung cancer.

That’s a half-truth at best.

If there’s any risk to smoking, it’s almost certainly from the chemicals dumped into your cigarettes. The tobacco itself, on the other hand, is downright healthy!

It’s the best natural source of nicotine, a substance so protective of the brain that scientists are desperately trying to turn it into the next great “drug” for everything from dementia to Parkinson’s disease.

Why wait for the “drug” when you can get the real McCoy right now?

The best way to get what you need and avoid harmful chemicals is to smoke a quality cigar. Cigar smokers of course do not inhale so the smoke never reaches the lung anyway.

Instead, hold the smoke in your mouth so your cheeks can absorb the nicotine and other beneficial compounds and then release… and watch the fake-coughers scatter like roaches.

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