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Go ahead and break out the salt shaker

The modern American diet is full of cancer-causing chemicals… artery-clogging vegetable oils… disease-causing additives such as MSG… and more.

Even the COLORING agents used in foods and drinks can cause illness and death.

Yet the Nanny State nitwits aren’t going after any of that. Oh no — they’re more concerned about salt, even passing laws in places like New York trying to limit sodium.

You’d think that with all this demonization of salt there would be… y’know… some actual evidence proving it’s bad for us.


A new review finds the research is mixed, at best. Overall, the Columbia University experts behind the analysis say there’s “no definitive proof that cutting salt intake reduces the risk for heart attacks or strokes for people with normal blood pressure.”

That’s right. No definitive proof — yet these overprotective meddlers are trying to slap the salt shaker right out of your hand.

I’ll go a step further than the researchers did, because there is definitive proof that salt is essential to human life.

If your levels fall too low, you’ll die — and studies have shown time and time again that folks on a bland low-salt diet face more risks, including death, than people who live a little and make sure their food actually has some flavor.

A major review published in 2011 found that going low-salt can boost your risk of an early demise by as much as 500 percent — in particular boosting your risk of facing the very heart problems a low-salt diet was supposed to help you avoid.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

A study I shared with you earlier this year even found that cutting your intake to be within mainstream guidelines increases your risk of death from heart problems by 85 percent.

It’s not just your heart on the line, either.

A low-salt diet can cause your bones to snap — increasing your risk of spinal fracture by 61 percent and non-spinal fractures by 39 percent.

Another study even showed how having enough salt in your body is essential to fighting off skin infections.

Like anything else, it’s possible to get too much salt. It’s possible to get too much water, too, but you don’t see these boneheads passing laws against that.

The only real way to get too much sodium is to eat the packaged and processed foods that are practically made of salt — but if you’re eating that garbage regularly, the salt content is probably the least of your worries.

Stick to natural foods made from scratch and add salt during and after cooking. There’s no need to measure; let your taste buds be your guide and you’ll almost certainly get just the right amount.

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