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This condition can QUADRUPLE your dementia risk

Your aging body can seem a lot like an aging home: When it starts to go, it can go FAST, with everything falling apart at once.

When it rains, it pours.

And if you’re aging with metabolic syndrome, you face a collection of risk factors that can set the stage for problems from head to toe.

The latest science looks at the head part of the equation, and finds that when your body is falling apart from metabolic syndrome, the “wood” in your “attic” starts to rot.

Your brain practically turns to mush!

According to the study, metabolic syndrome — a big belly, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, and more — will increase your risk of cognitive impairment by 50 percent.

You know how fast wood rot sets in. Well, brain rot hits even faster and harder — and once you’ve got cognitive decline, having metabolic syndrome along with it will QUADRUPLE your risk of dementia.

Not even diabetes will increase the risk by as much!

The research team behind the new study believes it’s the one-two punch of insulin resistance and inflammation, both of which come along for the ride when you’ve got metabolic syndrome.

Now, if you’ve got metabolic syndrome, you may not know you have it…but you’ve got to at least suspect you’re unhealthy. If the big belly isn’t a dead giveaway, flunking every blood test at check-up time would clue you in.

If you’re in that boat… if you know you’re unhealthy but have been putting off doing something about it… don’t wait until you’re too far up the creek to take action.

By then, you’ll be without a paddle.

Let me throw you a lifeline here, because there’s a quick and easy way to get all the risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome under control at once, and all you have to do is make the switch to a back-to-basics low-carb diet that’s rich in delicious animal fats and proteins.

Not only will you rapidly lose weight, but all your numbers — including blood sugar and cholesterol — will settle down right where you want them to.

More importantly, you’ll avoid the body-wrecking inflammation that sets the stage for everything from dementia to heart disease — and I’ll have more on how and why this diet works later today.

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