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Sleep aids can turn you into a dangerously drugged driver

In this hypersensitive politically correct world, even good-natured jokes cause folks to get their panties in a twist.

You’re not supposed to generalize based on race, sex, or religion; and you’ll get in trouble if you joke that your left-wing friends are a little mushy in the head (probably because they know deep down it’s not a joke).

Yet those same PC blowhards have no problem generalizing about SENIORS!

Even researchers are getting in on the oldie-bashing act now, with a new study that claims seniors who take Ambien are highway hazards.

according to the study in the journal Sleep Medicine, older gals who take this infamously bad sleep drug are 61 percent more likely to get into a fender-bender over five years than folks who don’t touch the stuff.

And the older the driver, the higher the risk — Ambien users over the age of 80 are twice as likely to literally get smashed than those who don’t use it,.

Now, I don’t doubt that Ambien turns careful drivers into drugged-up zombies ready to enter the demolition derby.

But why are they focusing on seniors here?

Fact is, YEARS of science shows that Ambien hits some folks the way a tranquilizer hits a bear. You may sleep eight hours…but you feel like you could sleep eight days!

It doesn’t matter how old — or young — you are, the studies show that folks who pop these pills can act like drunks out on the highways the next day, which is no surprise since you can wake up feeling like you’re on the wrong end of a three-day bender.

Even the FDA warned of the risk three years ago, cutting the standard dose of Ambien in half for some patients — at least in part because of what it could do their driving.

If I were a mainstream hack, I’d say be careful the next day when you take this drug no matter what your age.

But I’m no hack.

I’m going to go a step farther and tell you not to take this drug at any time or under any circumstances. Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in the middle, this drug can do a whole lot more than turn you into a drugged-up driver.

Heck, what it does to your driving the next day is NOTHING compared to what it could do to you while you’re still asleep. Some folks who take it get up in the night and engage in strange, bizarre, and even dangerous behavior… all while still asleep.

Even worse, sleep drugs in general can increase your risk of death by as much as 500 percent.


So forget the drugs.

If you can’t sleep, try some warm milk and brandy or at least some melatonin supplements. And if you STILL can’t sleep, speak to a doc who can find the cause and fix it.

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