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New pill spices up the bedroom with dangerous side effects

We’ve all hit a few speed bumps on the road to romance.

Who hasn’t had a disappointment or two when it comes to love?

But ladies, if you’re counting on the new med Addyi to give your love life a lift, you’re about to face your biggest let-down of all — because the latest research confirms that any “benefit” from this drug is so small that you might not even notice it.

This drug is supposed to help women with low libido, but a new review of eight clinical trials — including three unpublished studies — finds that it comes up…well, short.

Before taking it, women reported an average of 2.5 satisfying sexual encounters per month. After taking it, that average number increased all the way up to… wait for it…THREE.

Yes, the drug added a HALF of a satisfying romantic session per month.

That’s actually impressive to me, since the drug dramatically increases your risk of nausea, dizziness, and fatigue — and any one of those side effects would be enough to put you OUT of the mood.

It’s true, women who took the drug reported that they were more desirous after taking the drug — but on a five-point scale, their score improved by just three-tenths of a point, on average.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone; drugs that don’t benefit you much despite their risks are among the worst-kept secrets in medicine.

In the case of Addyi, it can lower your blood pressure so much that you can lose consciousness — and not because you’ve been swept off your feet in a fit of passion.

And you can forget taking it after splitting a bottle of red at a romantic dinner for two…or celebrating with some champagne and strawberries…because the drug’s black box warning says you shouldn’t mix it with alcohol.

Even the FDA’s own expert panel rejected Addyi because of these dangers, but the agency ignored the recommendation of those who were closest to the drug and approved it anyway.

And that’s despite the fact that the side effects can be so bad, the FDA has to require doctors and pharmacists to be specially certified to prescribe and dispense the drug.

Maybe that’s a blessing for the women who haven’t been able to find anyone to fill their prescriptions. If you ask me, they’ve dodged a bullet.

Ladies, if you really want to get back on track in the bedroom, you don’t need to swallow a drug that’ll barely move the needle on your love life and might make you pass out before you get to any of the good stuff.

All you REALLY need is a time-tested herbal remedy called ashwagandha, which a placebo-controlled clinical trial found can improve your overall sexual satisfaction by just about every measure that matters.

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