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The feds pushing yet another flu shot lie

As you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose, I can rattle off reason upon reason for you not to get the flu shot.

How it can actually give you the flu…or make your flu infection worse…or expose you to the risk of developing a condition that’s far worse than the flu…let me count the ways!

And now, after a series of high-profile disasters, the feds are so desperate for some GOOD news when it comes to the flu shot that they’ve just invented it out of thin air!

First, they told you that getting the flu shot would protect your heart — a claim I debunked for you last month. But now, Big Pharma and its CDC pals are claiming that this year’s shot was three times more effective than last year’s disaster.

The implication of course is that the shot somehow “saved” us from a bad flu season, which is like declaring victory in a war that never happened.

You know what really saved us? NOT getting the flu shot!

From coast to coast, flu rates are down despite the fact that vaccination rates are reaching rock-bottom levels. Last year, just 43.6 percent of adults got the shot; and after all the headlines about how little it helped, I’d bet this year’s rate is even lower.

That’s not nearly enough to offer WIDESPREAD protection — but that didn’t stop them from claiming this year’s vaccine cut the risk of flu by 59 percent — an ugly attempt at polishing a turd if I’ve ever seen one.

Let’s remove the Shinola — what that number really means is that it cuts the OVERALL risk by 59 percent. That’s not nearly as big as it sounds when you consider that fewer than 3 percent of unvaccinated Americans get the flu even in a “bad” year (and far fewer get sick in a mild year such as this one).

One analysis found the flu shot cut the risk of getting flu from 2.7 percent to 1.2 percent — which is a REAL reduction in risk of only 1.5 percent.

Either way, 97+ percent DON’T get the flu… even when they’re not vaccinated.

If you REALLY want to cut your risk of flu this year or any other, use some back-to-basics common-sense hygiene. Wash your hands before eating, and don’t rub your eyes — all it takes is a hand on a contaminated surface and a big yawn with an eye rub to give the virus a free ticket to enter your body.

Carrying around a little vial of hand sanitizer isn’t a bad idea either, just stick to one that uses alcohol and not chemicals such as triclosan.

And second, boost your intake of vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin has proven to be 800 percent more effective than the vaccine… and it doesn’t need a new formula every year to be effective.

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