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Canada deprives its citizens of life-saving cancer test

If you want to see everything screwy about socialized medicine, turn your eyes to the north.

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care has just issued a penny-pinching new guideline for colon cancer screening that’s guaranteed to KILL people in that country — and it’s all in the name of keeping healthcare “affordable.”

The task force now says forget the time-tested, science-backed, life-saving colonoscopy. You don’t need it… and instead, you should rely on either the notoriously UNreliable fecal occult blood test every two years, or a sigmoidoscopy (a less invasive and therefore less thorough test) every 10 years.

A sigmoidoscopy is like a colonoscopy “light” because it only examines the lower portion of the digestive track and doesn’t check out the full monty, the way a real colonoscopy does.

The task force claims there’s no evidence that colonoscopy is any better, but that’s just willful ignorance at work.

A 2011 study from the prestigious Mayo Clinic found sigmoidoscopy patients get colon cancer at TRIPLE the rate of colonoscopy patients.

Let me tell you what’s REALLY going on here. A full colonoscopy isn’t just more thorough…it’s more expensive. In many cases, it costs four times as much.

In the world of socialized medicine — i.e., in Canada — they don’t have that kind of cash sitting around. As a result, instead of everyone getting a colonoscopy, almost NO ONE will get the life-saving procedure except patients with a high risk of colon cancer.

But when it comes to colon cancer, we’re ALL at risk. It’s third on the list of deadliest cancers for men and women alike, and is expected to kill nearly 50,000 Americans this year alone.

And if you let the penny-pinchers behind Obamacare call the shots on this side of the border, it’ll kill even more — because they’ll take a cue from Canada and deny access to colonoscopy in the name of keeping healthcare affordable.

Listen, affordable is great when it comes to cars and toasters, but it’s not the first thing I look for when it comes to my health…and the health of my family.

I want RESULTS, and if you want results yourself, avoid the dollar store sigmoidoscopy test and other half-assed measures. Make sure you only trust your butt to the real deal — an honest-to-goodness colonoscopy from a skilled and experienced doctor.

But don’t stop there. Along with making sure you get the right procedure, be sure to choose the right time.

Just like the early bird catches the worm, the early doc catches the polyps. Studies show colonoscopies done early in the morning are far more effective than procedures performed late in the day.

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