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No, candy will NOT save your brain!

I hate to wreck anyone’s candy-coated dreams, but eating chocolate isn’t going to turn you into the next Einstein.

A new study is making headlines — again — with the claim that chocolate will boost your cognitive powers. Heck, if you believe this one, a Hershey bar will practically supercharge your brain!

Folks who eat chocolate just once a week supposedly do better on cognitive tests by nearly every single measure. Nibble away at your candy bar and you can expect to zip through tests of memory and organization… boost your ability to process new information… and remember words like a college kid cramming for finals.

But don’t start stocking up on Easter candy just yet, because there’s a whole lot more to brain health than gobbling chocolate bunnies.

It’s true that chocolate contains some nutrients that can help protect the brain. The darker the chocolate, the more of those flavanols it contains… and “white” chocolate (which is essentially not even chocolate) contains almost none at all.

Yet this nonsensical study managed to conclude that you’ll get the same benefits no matter what kind of chocolate you eat: dark, milk, or white.

That’s a bunch of chocolate-covered bull!

Let me give you the REAL story on chocolate: Those flavanols I just mentioned can help provide power to your gray matter by boosting the flow of blood to the brain.

More blood upstairs means your brain soaks up more of the essential oxygen it carries as well as all the nutrients it brings along for the ride. That same circulation-boosting benefit can also help cut the risk of heart disease and stroke.

But let’s not kid ourselves here. Those aren’t the benefits of chocolate. They’re the benefits of the essential flavanols in cocoa.

So listen, cocoa — REAL cocoa — is clearly packed with brain-boosting, heart-helping benefits, but only if you get the real deal and not some watered-down, sugar-coated candy version of it.

Heck, the sugar in most chocolates will ROT your brain, not protect it — and set the stage for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and more.

But you can have your cocoa and eat it too…just not in a cake.

Buy 100 percent pure cocoa powder — even the mass produced supermarket stuff from Hershey’s will do — and start working it into your coffee, smoothies, and even your meals if there’s a place for it.

If it’s clumping up in your drinks, run the powder through a coffee mill or spice grinder first.

You’ll get all the benefits of cocoa, and none of the risks of sugar. You don’t need to be Einstein to see that’s a win for your taste buds as well as your brain.

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