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Gentlemen, restart your engines in the bedroom!

Maybe it hits you when you’re 40 or 50, or maybe you’re one of those lucky guys who reaches his 60s before it catches up with you.

But sooner or later, it happens….You realize you just don’t have the “oomph” in the bedroom like you used to.

Your T-levels are plummeting, and you’re caught in the grips of MANOPAUSE.

You can either let aging do its thing and suffer in silence… or you can take matters into your own hands and give your body what it needs so you can feel like a MAN again.

I don’t know about you, but I’m picking door number two — and a pair of new studies reveal simple, safe, easy and effective ways to turn that manopause around and get your body back on track.

First, there’s a simple option you can try: Testofen. You’ve read right here in the Daily Dose how this powerful extract from the ram’s horn clover has proven to dramatically boost testosterone levels…without actually requiring hormone therapy.

And now, the latest research confirms it. Healthy men between the ages of 43 and 70 who took just 600 mg of this potent extract per day over the course of 12 weeks saw an increase in both total serum testosterone and free testosterone when compared to those who took a placebo.

As their hormone levels rose, the old urges came back along with a significant boost in sexual function, according to the study published in The Aging Male.

Now, if you’d rather go straight to the source and give your body a hormone boost with a testosterone gel, new research shows how it’ll help you feel like your old self in no time.

In the study, guys who used testosterone gel saw their hormone levels rise to where they were in their prime — and sure enough, it reignited the fires of desire.

This wasn’t an example of more appetite but nothing to eat, either — because along with more desire, the men who were given testosterone were able to fly their flags at full staff, too.

Men given the placebo gel got squat.

So that means you’re in the driver’s seat here. You can turn MANOPAUSE around with either a proven herbal remedy or by going straight to the source. The ultimate goal is the same, either way: boost your supply of testosterone.

You need the “manly hormone” for all-around wellbeing, as well as mood… memory… and making whoopee.

Talk to your doc about which approach is best for you.

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