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Coffee can slash deadly liver risk

If you really lived it up in your day, you might start to feel it in your liver.

This hardworking organ is your body’s natural filter, and everything you put into your body goes through it — from that after dinner drink to those bedtime medications.

Over the course of your life, your liver takes quite a beating — and it can end up in pretty rough shape.

But I’ve got some good news for you today: You’ve probably got the ultimate liver booster in your own kitchen, right now.

The latest research finds that everyone’s favorite eye-opener, a piping hot mug of coffee, can help your liver fight off the effects of booze and whatever else you’ve done to it over the years.

As long as you’re not adding whiskey to it, coffee can slash your risk of cirrhosis, a potentially fatal liver disease that kills more than 36,000 Americans every year.

And the latest science shows that all you have to do is drink two cups a day, and your cirrhosis risk drops by 43 percent.

Knock back three cups, and your odds of facing cirrhosis falls by 57 percent.

And if you polish off four mugs or more, your cirrhosis risk plummets by 65 percent, according to an analysis of nine studies published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

In other words, coffee appears to actually REVERSE the damage from all the punches your liver has taken!

The researchers don’t know exactly why or how it works, but I’ll take a stab at the reason why.

Your liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate itself — which is why you can donate just part of your liver to someone in desperate need. So, it’s possible that the powerful antioxidants found in coffee beans can kick that restorative process into overdrive…so it can heal itself and get healthy again.

Again, this isn’t a license to go out and get soused, and it’s not going to undo the damage of obesity and fatty liver disease if you don’t make some real changes today.

And don’t undo the beneficial effect of coffee by adding whipped cream, syrups, and other junk to your morning brew. I’ll have the full scoop on that in tomorrow’s Daily Dose.

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