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Time to put your favorite foods back on the menu!

When it comes to food these days, you’re surrounded by more naysayers than a horse trainer.

Everything you love, they say NAYYYYYYYYYY!

It’s time to turn NAY into YES my friend, because the latest MAINSTREAM science confirms what you’ve been reading right here in the Daily Dose all along: Cholesterol won’t hurt you!

That’s right… eat your eggs, including the delicious yolks. Put steak back on the menu, and you can chew the fat instead of trimming it.

And say bye-bye to boneless, skinless, tasteless overcooked chicken breast and HELLO to the delicious fatty thighs with a nice, crisp, seasoned skin.

Cholesterol has been so demonized since the 1960s that you’d think it was spotted on the grassy knoll in Dallas. But the latest research finds five decades of health advice has been flat-out wrong.

The new study looked at both total cholesterol as well as specifically the cholesterol from eggs and found absolutely no increase in the risk of coronary heart disease either way.

More importantly, the study even finds cholesterol won’t increase the risk in folks with the highest heart risk of all — the third of us with a genetic mutation called the APOE4 allele.

Yes, you could eat eggs like Cool Hand Luke (not that I’d advise it) and while you might end up with a huge bellyache, you won’t end up with heart disease.

And when it comes to total cholesterol, you could practically DOUBLE the 300mg per day that until recently was the recommended daily limit without facing any increase in the risk of heart problems, including coronary heart disease and thickening of the wall of the carotid artery.

The mainstream has since taken away that limit, but they’ve stilled missed the point.

Instead of telling people to go ahead and eat up, they did just the opposite, with the government committee that sets dietary guidelines urging Americans to “eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible.”

That’s just so much bunk, as the new study proves so clearly.

What’s more, cutting back on cholesterol to “as little as possible” not only won’t give you any benefit… but it could HURT or even KILL you.

Cholesterol is essential to transporting certain nutrients around the body and plays a critical role in your immune system function. One major study out of Japan even found that the lower your LDL levels, the HIGHER your risk of dropping dead.

If that’s not an excuse to get busy at the grill, I don’t know what is.

So leave the NAYS for the horses and get back to basics: Eat all the fresh animal fats you want, and don’t waste a moment of your life worrying about your cholesterol.

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