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Docs pushing the prostate test that the feds flunked

Take this test… OR DIE!

That’s the high-pressure pitch that urologists have been using to scare you into just about any test or treatment.

In fact, new numbers show that urologists are still pushing the PSA test on men, despite the fact that even the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is against it.

It’s not often I recommend following mainstream guidelines, but here’s a case where they finally got one right. The PSA test detects harmless tumors and often MISSES the deadly ones until it’s much too late…earning it the lowest grade that the USPSTF could possibly give it.

Since then, the number of prostate exams have plunged overall…except those given by urologists. They’re stubbornly clinging to the PSA test, giving it 34 percent of the time now compared to 39 percent before the recommendation.

That’s almost no change at all!

Now, your urologist might not SEEM like a salesman, but you can bet your boots he is one. Sure, he doesn’t make much money off the test itself; but he rakes in cash like you wouldn’t believe on everything that follows, including needless biopsies, painful surgeries, and emasculating drugs.

You wouldn’t ask a tire salesman if you should buy a new set of wheels, and you wouldn’t ask a realtor if you should buy a new home. Unfortunately, urologists are no different.

Fellas, I know the panic that the word “cancer” can cause…especially if it’s in the neighborhood of your you-know-what.

But taking this unreliable test isn’t likely to save your life — and it may lead you to treatments that cause side effects that can last a lifetime. Those include incontinence and impotence… all for nothing.

So, if your urologist tries to push a PSA test on you, push him right back.

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