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Natural cure helps your aching knees heal themselves

You’re in so much pain that some days you can barely stand…much less walk.

And forget about hitting the town OR the links.

Osteoarthritis in your knees has literally cut your legs out from under you.

It might be hard to believe on the days when the pain goes to “11” on a scale of 1 to 10 — but you CAN stop the damage, ease the aches and turn this condition around.

The answer isn’t a painkiller. A natural form of collagen called UC-II can help restore and replace that cartilage, and new research shows that it works so effectively it’s actually better than one of the most common knee treatments.

In the new study, UC-II was put up against both placebo pills and the glucosamine-chondroitin combo. Glucosamine and chondroitin are among the most popular therapies for knee pain for the simple reason that they work — and they often work quite well.

But UC-II is even better. In the study, it won…hands down.

After just six months, folks given this natural form of collagen had less pain and stiffness and improved function.

A certain amount of osteoarthritis pain is almost inevitable with age. Since it’s the “wear and tear” form of the disease, it’s almost a badge of honor — a sign you didn’t spend your decades parked on your rear like some folks.

And whether it’s to hit the town with your sweetie or take on the back nine, UC-II might be just what you need to get back in action.

But don’t accept any old collagen supplement. The study focused on UC-II for good reason: It’s the best stuff out there. Look for UC-II and only UC-II, and make sure you get it from a maker you trust.

Your knees will thank you for it.

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