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How NOT to cure the common cold

Having to remind docs they shouldn’t use antibiotics for cold and flu is like reminding restaurant workers to wash their hands after using the toilet.

Anyone who hasn’t figured this out already SHOULD quit their day job!

Now, the CDC and the American College of Physicians issued a joint warning that’s the medical equivalent of bathroom signs reminding restaurant workers to wash their hands. They’re urging doctors to lay off the antibiotics for cold, flu, sore throat, uncomplicated bronchitis, and other common viral illnesses.

patients battling colds, the flu, and other viral illnesses are getting even sicker from unnecessary antibiotics prescribed by doctors who should really know better.

They KNOW most cases are viral… but they also can’t be bothered to sort out who might have a bacterial infection…so they go ahead and just drug everyone.

The problem isn’t JUST that these drugs won’t do squat against viral illnesses. It’s that they kill off the good bacteria in your gut needed for everything from digestion to mood.

And if you have any antibiotic-resistant germs laying low in your gut, the destruction of all the good bacteria gives them a chance to rise up, take over, and make you sicker than you ever thought possible.

Every year, 2 million people are sickened by drug-resistant germs, and 23,000 die because of them — and many of those dangerous infections begin with an antibiotic prescription.

Drug reactions and side effects from antibiotics are even responsible for 1 in 5 ER visits related to drug use.

So if you get sick this winter or any other season, follow some common sense advice.

Unless you’re deathly ill or have a high risk of complications such as pneumonia, in most cases, all you need is a few days of bed rest along with some chicken soup.

Vitamins C, D, and zinc can all boost your immune system and fight off viruses — especially the cold virus — while elderberry and Echinacea can knock the flu down for the count.

And if you’ve got a bacterial infection that needs antibiotics to wipe it out, just make sure you supplement with a probiotic to keep that gut flora fighting strong.

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